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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Emerald City earrings

Emerald City earrings

I've been hanging onto these incredibly sparkly quartz crystal brios for a while now, knowing that they needed to be paired with something smaller but unsure exactly what to use. Then I got some tiny little (real) emeralds and I knew what exactly what to do.

Prompted in part by a joke with a friend (Connie, this one's for you) I'm embarking on a Wizard of Oz theme in earrings. These will not be the last in the series. The earwires and headpins are handmade.

This second photo shows the earrings hanging naturally. I need to tweak my setup so that they hang closer together, but I like the overall effect.

Emerald earrings 2


Kelly said...

they are very cool. aren't those tiny stones addictive? i had a bunch of rubies that size and used every single one on a single pair of earrings. i just got carried away and couldn't stop myself. :0)

Tracy said...

I think they might be! I've used tiny faceted stones before but never wanted smooth ones. I guess there are some stones that can just get away with being smooth.

ChezChani said...

Great stuff and I love the photo of them (seemingly) hanging in mid air. I am particularly enamored of the wire part that goes in the ear.

Anonymous said...

LOVELY! I've not used those types of earring findings. Do your customers like them? They look so easy to put on and won't show from the side like shepherd's hooks do. And, yes, Wizard of Oz is a fav of mine! I had my 4 year old niece watch it (it's not a cartoon movie, so I had to cajole a bit) and now she asks for it all the time. Teri

Tracy said...

Teri, these show like shepherd hooks would but with a different profile. I like them, and I've had favorable comments.