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Sunday, February 08, 2009

YOJ week 5 - citrine and amethyst earrings

Citrine and amethyst

I always enjoy it when pieces fall into place. These stones have been kicking around on my work surface for ages - I've tried them in all kinds of combinations that just didn't work, and then one day recently I tried them together and they fit perfectly. The colours are incredibly rich and the shapes compliment each other nicely. They need nothing more.

Citrine and amethyst hanging


Robin said...

They are stunning! And so is your photography... rarely have I seen better. Robin A.

Tracy said...

Thank you so much, Robin! I've worked hard on my photography over the last few years. I still see room for improvement but I really appreciate the comment.

KT Vestitures said...

Hiya Tracy,

I love your work, but these earrings in particular grab my eye... they are very pretty and feminine.

Nice work!

From Tracey