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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Yesterday's session

Feeling time pressure yesterday, so some things didn't go well because I rushed. Ended up with a lot of little bland slightly off spacer type beads, six to be exact, that might have a bit of frit on them or something but certainly aren't noticable as anything at first glance.

Two green whiteheards. One is a little wonky and has some bubbles, the other was seriously wonky so I encased again in clear and then made a cube. It would actually be pretty neat except it ended up with one slightly sharp hole. I may keep it out for inspiration later anyway.

Made another heart for the contest. It too is ugly.

Played with stringer a bit. When I was driving up I thought that was going to be my focus for the day, but I got distracted between deciding that and actually firing up the torch. Still getting catepillaring when I try to do straight stinger but I played with scrolls anyways and got one bead I'm going to keep. it isn't pretty by anyone's standards, but it is my first real scrolls. I was using stringer in colours that change colour when they get warm, like red and yellow, and that really helped. I'll beat this yet.

Finally I made another fish. This one hasn't broken yet. Not the best fish on the planet but I'm quite pleased.

The other day I finished something I was working on for an exchange. It was a struggle to come up with a workable idea, and I had to ditch my first effort mid-way though, but in the end I'm very happy with what I ended up with. I've been playing around with circles a lot recently and this has circles, and repetition, and is very light - both in the hand and visually. I am so happy with it that I have started a similar necklace to keep for myself, but in green peruvian opal, not the blue.

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Paulette said...

Tracy, love your fishie!! Very adorable! Thanks again for the message you sent me over on LE! It put a smile on my face and I really needed it that day. :)