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creating; able to create; inventive, imaginative; showing imagination as well as routine skill.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

YOJ week five

Another piece using Robin Atkin's finger weaving technique (you can see her blog here). I made multiple errors on this one, although I think I've fixed all but two. One, just discovered during photography, is that the glue on the knots got a little blobby (technical term) and needs to be tidied up. The other I plan to leave, and we'll see if anyone but me notices. The closure is one of my own lampwork beads, and slightly wonky, although not too much for this use.

This was fun, all in all. I have two more flowers, intended for earrings, and enough seed beads to make a colour coordinated bracelet. They may happen next.


Robin said...

Wow! This is lovely! Well, I wrote the book, and I can't find the other "error" on this necklace. Besides that the glue doesn't look too blobby to me. Did you apply it twice? I always do two glue applications, but each is minimal, and if it does make a blob, I wipe it off before it dries. Hope that helps. Your necklace design is awesome! I love the clasp on the side and the way you've developed the focal area. Many kudos!

Robin said...

Hi again... I just clicked on the images so I could see them larger... Now I realize that your clasp isn't on the side, you just wound the two ends together to make a more pleasing photo... the clasp is in the back. Actually that's better, as it suits your symetrical design.

Tracy said...

Thanks so much Robin! I'm really enjoying the technique. I think perhaps my glue is getting old or something, but yes, I did put it on twice. I didn't wipe at all though - I'll try that next time.