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Monday, March 12, 2007

YOJ weeks eight and nine

These were done early, honest, but I didn't get them posted.

The week eight entry is a multistranded bracelet using Robin Atkins' instructions. I seem to be typing her name a lot, and getting it wrong a lot, so I've added her as a link (see the column on the left) to save myself the typing. I encourage everyone to have a look at her blog as I find her very inspiring!
The rich range of pinks in these seed beads seemed to want to be combined with the plain cream and brown in this bracelet. The closure bead is one of my own lampwork.

The week nine entry is a simple little pair of earrings. They are a gift for a woman whose dogs are mostly black and white. I've had the charms for a while, waiting for inspiration to strike, and this happened. I think I'll have to make a pair for myself, in brown, to match my own dogs. Or maybe in blue or green - I don't tend to match well.


Robin said...

Your bracelet is fabulous! I love it, love it, love it... colors great, and you got the technique perfectly! Thanks for the link!

Tracy said...

Thank YOU Robin. I'm enjoying the technique, although I think I get to blame you for my new seed bead cravings. Blame in a good way...

Elaine Ray said...

That is a stunning bracelet - the colors would make me feel rich to wear it. I'm gong to check on Robin's link to see if the technique is within my ability range. Thanks for sharing this with us!
- Elaine

Tracy said...

Thanks Elaine. Please share if you make anything in this style! I'll be interested to hear.