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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Year of Jewellery wk 1 - hammered bangle

Bashed bangle

This came about as a result of a challenge on the Jewelry Artist Network forum. The idea was to make something with a maximum of 12" of 10g wire. We could use solder and a small amount of other wire for findings - clasp, earwires, whathaveyou - but otherwise the piece had to be made of the 10g wire. No stones, no wrapping, no other adormnents.

I didn't start it with a plan but just went with the flow. First I flattened the ends, drilled and riveted them together, and then realized my bangle was very blah. So I hammered a bunch more to put the curves in. Didn't like the hammer marks so I did some filing, sanding, and polishing to remove them.

Don't like this much but it was a fun exercise.

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Swati Nigam said...

I wrote about this on the YOJ forum, and will write here again...I think it looks awesome! And I would love to wear something like that! :-)