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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Year of jewellery wk 3 - Monet earrings

Monet earrings

I didn't set out to follow this week's theme in the Year of Jewellery but I think I was influenced by some of the other submissions (posted on time, unlike me, although these were done on Sunday). Green quartz, pale ametrine (just looks purple to me though, so I suspect it is actually amethyst), tourmaline, sterling silver and tiny Bali spacers hanging from my own handmade earwires.

Monet earrings hanging


ChezChani said...

Those are very very pretty. I'm particularly fond of your handmade earwires. I might need to learn to make earwires, though at this point I don't work with wire at all.

Swati Nigam said...

I too drool over her ear wires ChezChani :-). Something about her ear wires...I make these round ones too, and I have seen others make them too, but there is something about the ones she makes that just makes them stand apart.

Tracy said...

LOL! Swati, you are a nut. I'm getting to the end my stash of pre-made ones and you make me feel anxious about making more. What if I can't duplicate that mysterious something?

Elayne(?), let me know when you are ready to start and I'll show you how I make them.

Swati Nigam said...

LOL!! I might be a nut...but I'm not the only one (sing in the tune of "Imagine" by John Lennon). ChezChani thinks your earwires are really cool too. And I don't know what that mysterious something is about your round earwires...but there is something! I am sure it will show up in your new batch of earwires too.