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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

YOJ weeks 15 to 17 - playing catch up

I've made a piece in each week but I got behind in the photography. Catching up with a number in one post seems neater to me.

Week 15 - Grenadine and keshi earrings

Grenadine keshi

I like the way the orderly cube shape in the ceramic beads contrasts with the flowing form of the keshi pearls.

Week 16 - Fused fine silver earrings

More fused fine silver

This and the next pair are formed from fused and hammered fine silver links. I've made a number of variations on this recently.

Week 17 - More fused fine silver

Fused fine silver earrings


ChezChani said...

Very nice work!

Swati said...

Beautiful earrings as always! I have trouble fusing wire....I end up melting it. LOL!

Did you make your signature rings? Want to see how it comes out etched. I'd tried silver etching but it was quite bad. LOL! Need to try again.

I have a request for you regarding my blog url. You had "followed" my blog at I have changed the url now to Please "re-follow" there so that the link is changed. I'm sorry for this inconvenience...thanks for the follow :-)).

Tracy said...

Fusing had a pretty steep learning curve for me. I'm getting it though!

No, I'm not actually set up to etch right now - just closer to that than the other options. I doubt I'll even get to it this year but they are definately filed in my mental To Do box.

I switched already! I think I did anyway... I'll double check after I post this.