Definition of "creative", according to my dictionary:
creating; able to create; inventive, imaginative; showing imagination as well as routine skill.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

FSOJ week two

This idea has been floating in my head for a while now. I believe it was inspired by a bracelet I saw in a store but I'm not 100% sure. I bought the amazonite nuggets specifically to try this. The wire, lobster claw, and spacers (not visible) are all sterling. This piece will be going up on Etsy later today.


Cristine said...

I really like the look of this! I swear I've seen one similar but with multi-coloured stones, does that ring any bells?

Tracy said...

Ummm... No, the fuzzy image in my head is blue, not multicoloured. That doesn't mean anything though - I'm not even sure where I might have seen it. I just feel like I did. Thanks for the compliment!

Pam said...

it's beautiful!