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creating; able to create; inventive, imaginative; showing imagination as well as routine skill.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Front page!

Right around lunch time today this was on the front page of Etsy. I was too excited to think straight and didn't get a capture of the whole treasury - just this. By the time I went back to do it right, just a minute or so later, it was gone.

At least I got to see it.

This is turning into a pretty good month!


Annette Piper said...

I think that is terribly exciting Tracy! Etsy is still a bit of mystery to me - treasuries etc., but I'm sure in time I'll work it out!

Thanks for visiting my blog - and commenting on my rings. I'm letting them loose on the public tomorrow at a show. Yeah, I don't think the lavatory pic would make good jewellery but it sure makes me smile!

Pink Heels said...

Congratulations! You should have the image printed and framed!

Tracy said...

That's an idea! I should at least print it out and paste it into my sketchbook. I have other clippings in there and this really isn't any different.

ChezChani said...

Beautiful stuff, I particularly love the ring. I love rings! Congrats on that pic on the front page, don't know what a treasury is but I'm pretty sure it's a good thing.

Inspired Designs by Teresa said...

Tracy, congratulations on the front page! How lucky you were to have seen and captured it!

mygemstonebox said...

Congrats on the FP! I'm still waiting and holding my breath. Go eSMArts Team!

Best always,